Baba Foods

2013-07-02 16.10.53

I LOVE farmers markets!  We need more of them in Austin, Texas, especially during the week.  I randomly ran into a farmers market during a trip in California around Pacific Beach (PB).  I tried my first pluot (I KNOW!) and I ate the most delicious and juicy nectarines. 

2013-07-02 16.15.34

Check out the giant zucchini this lady grew in her garden! It’s HUGE!!

One of my favorite local vendors was Baba Foods.  They have a variety of blended hummus dips, pita chips and breads.  They are all available to sample at the booth.  I even went back for seconds to, you know, make sure all the samples were still good.  OMG, their dips are delicious!! A few can also be used as marinades and dressings.  They will also give you a bundle deal if you purchase 3 or more. So….. I bought three!!

2013-07-17 17.15.27

All of the dips are natural, vegan and contain no additives or preservatives.

2013-07-17 17.17.51

 You can order them online and even find some at your local Costco.  Enjoy them with some pita bread or tortilla chips. Yum!


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