Skinny Organic Burrito

When we don’t have time to make lunch or we run out of leftovers , PJs Skinny Organic Burritos are our last resort! These are also low budget!!


These burritos are amazing and low in calories! As you can see in the ingredient and nutrition info pictures below, the ingredients are organic and a great source of protein. If you are looking for a low carb meal this is not for you unless you are very active. Although, the carbs are not completely awful. They mostly come from the tortilla which is also made from organic ingredients.



I personally only eat these when I have no time to cook or I am on the run. My body is not quite to the point where it can use bad carbs (flour and other bread products) for fuel. Most of those bad carbs contribute to unwanted bloating in the midsection and weight gain. Yet, I am talking about my body. My fiancé can eat two of these and he is completely fine. He is a very active man with a very high metabolism…. Lucky him!! I WISH I had his metabolism!!!

Back to the point…. You can find an 8 pack of these awesome burritos at wholesale places like Costco for under $11! The website ( PJs Skinny Organic Burritos ) has a variety of fillings you can choose from as well. I may have to order some for my guy!! If you are currently changing your diet from fast food and other junk, try these babies! You will be full and feel much better afterward compared to how you feel after eating a greasy burger and fries.

Tip: Try the PJ organic burrito with 1/2 an avocado and some of your favorite salsa! That’s how I eat mine! 😉

$$ Tip: Purchase healthy foods like these in bulk. They will be cheaper than buying individual packs at the grocery store. They also last a while in your freezer. You will be stocked up and can’t complain you don’t have anything good or healthy to eat!

~Nancy Rae