Cute thrift finds

What do we do for fun? We thrift! A couple of times a week the hubs and I go thrifting.  Austin, Texas is a great place for that!

Pictured below is a Roxy girls dress $3.99 (Goodwill), red necklace $1.99 (Salvation Army) and red earrings &0.99 (Salvation Army).


Come back to check out more of my thrift finds!!


~Nancy Rae


Yard sale finds

 I love finding clothes and gadgets for a better deal at thrift shops and yard sales.

Sentsy is one of those products I don’t like to purchase at retail price. $25-40 bucks for a thing that melts wax doesn’t sound right to me.

We found this awesome thing for 50 cents!!!

It was purchased from a moving sale in which the owners only cared about getting rid of everything. Score for me!!

What kind of cool finds gave you purchased from garage sales and thrift shops?

I will be posting more finds soon.


~Nancy Rae