Cute thrift finds

What do we do for fun? We thrift! A couple of times a week the hubs and I go thrifting.  Austin, Texas is a great place for that!

Pictured below is a Roxy girls dress $3.99 (Goodwill), red necklace $1.99 (Salvation Army) and red earrings &0.99 (Salvation Army).


Come back to check out more of my thrift finds!!


~Nancy Rae


Soup for the soul

Well it is nice and chilly out in Austin, Texas! This weather is rare here. Most Texans hate the cold but we love it in our home! Our little pup Bobby despises this weather too…

20131124-210632.jpgHere is the little booger! He refuses to leave our bed…

This warm weather calls for some delicious and healthy soup! My hubby to be loves soup and he loves my Caldo! For those that are unfamiliar with Caldo must try it! It is a Spanish chicken and veggie soup. I make arroz (Spanish rice) on the side and soak it in my bowl of soup.  Hopefully I can write-up a recipe soon! This soup is very easy but it does take some time.  I do not recommend frozen or canned ingredients either.  This soup must be made fresh!  It can be made con pollo (chicken) or de res (with meat).


Check out those fresh and colorful veggies!!!


Here is the finished product!!

Stay warm out there friends!!!


~Nancy Rae 🙂